Our strategy

Our strategy is to use science-based innovation to deliver better patient outcomes. We have a clear mission and a focused strategy, all of which we expect will support the creation of value over the long term for society, our company and shareholders. We aim to lead in growing areas of healthcare. We believe Gilbert is well prepared for the demands for a continuously evolving healthcare need.

Business Strategy

Gilbert created the opportunity to improve pharmaceutical pulmonary delivery effectively and efficiently and to overcome current limitations in inhalation.
We develop medical devices based on new innovative and disruptive technology. We cooperate with partners that are developing new medicines for selected indications for selected respiratory and non-respiratory indications. Our technology offers a far more superior performance over the existing inhalation devices.

Science-based innovation

We believe in the growing interest in using the pulmonary route of administration for topical as well as systemic therapies. Non-invasive self-administration, rapid onset of action and improved bio-availability over orally and otherwise delivered pharmaceuticals are just some of the advantages of our method of pulmonary administration of medicines.

Better patient outcomes

We seek to develop devices that can produce positive real outcomes for patients and healthcare providers.
The benefits can range from improving the cost-effectiveness of high-quality care to prolonging lives. We are developing technologies to augment the benefits of our devices as our core products, in collaboration with scientific institutes, healthcare providers and top-level technology companies. We aim to develop innovative products in growing areas of healthcare where we can make a real difference. We focus on patented technology segments where we have the innovation power to compete effectively. At the same time, we will expand our presence in the emerging markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America, where there is a fast-growing demand for access to innovative methods for pulmonary route of administration of medicines.

Executing strategy

We are developing at first a handheld device, which can significantly reduce the time to deliver the prescribed dosage of antibiotics to Cystic Fibrosis patients compared to the existing inhalation and compressor devices. Immediately followed by Breakthrough Cancer Pain and Asthma/COPD (severe Asthma), Oncology and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. This will improve therapy convenience, mobility and offers comfort for patients and enhance therapy compliance. Subsequently, we will develop a mini handheld device for other selected indications where our technology can show superior performance over existing devices. All devices will be equipped with innovative smart technology which enables breath activation, dose control and remote monitoring.

Our Partners

• TU Delft
• NHL University of Applied Sciences
• University Medical Center Utrecht
• Fluidda



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